We can offer a complete set of services a Shipowner/Charterer may require in connection with a vessel's call at Murmansk and namely:


- fix up all kinds of inward/outward formalities,

- arrange for a pilot, tug-boats, launches, etc.,

- take control of cargo operations including paper work,

- arrange for repairs to various ship systems at cargo berth,

  as well as on inner roads and/or in floating dock,

- arrange for inspection by the Russian Register of Shipping

  Surveyor or any other independant survey to vessel and/or cargo,

- assist Master in declaring Sea Protest,

- take care of in/out going crew members (visa formalities, hotel

  reservation, ticket arrangements),

- arrange for provision, technical supplies, fresh water, etc.,

- protect legal interests of the Principal in relations with

  the local parties concerned,

- arrange various activities at leisure time,

- provide for anything else you may require or be interested in.




We can performs Ship Owners/Charterers/Cargo Owners full types of survey of the cargo and vessel including:


- draft survey (to determinate cargo quantity loaded on board)

- inspection of the holds prior loading

- on-hire condition and bunker survey

- pre-loading & loading of cargo survey

- tally survey for general cargo





Acting as representative of JSC “Marine Cargo Bureau” (National Recognized Organization on the Safe Carriage of Cargoes by Sea, SLS.15/Circ.103)  BarentsGroup Co carry out survey of the cargo in order to issue of Certificate of the transport cargo characteristics at the time of loading vessel and provides Ship Owners/Master with full set of documents in accordance with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea «SOLAS-74/78» and National Regulations of carriage of cargo by sea.





On demand of the Ship Owners or Cargo Owners we arrange delivery of cargo and ship’s spare parts on board vessel from Europe and from vessel to Europe by truck (door to door), issue of all relevant papers and settle custom’s formalities.    




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